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Maine Lobster Strudel Recipe

Maine Lobster Strudel makes a wonderful entree for any brunch, lunch or even dinner.

Maine Lobster Strudel Recipe

What you will need:
1 pound cooked Maine Lobster meat
1 cup sliced mushrooms
1/4 cup of finely chopped onion
1/2 teaspoon onion salt
Dash of white wine
11/2 cups low fat or skim milk
1/2 cup of flour
1/2 cup of melted butter or margarine
A pinch of salt
A pinch of white pepper
1 11″x16″ pastry shell
Asparagus tips

Begin by sautéing your Maine lobster, mushrooms, onion, onion salt, wine, and lemon juice in a wok or frying pan and set that aside.

Combine your milk, melted butter, flour, salt, and pepper and make your white sauce.

Add your Maine lobstermixture and stir.

Place your Maine Lobster on a pastry sheet from end to end and cut half inch strips down evenly on both sides and twist the mixture over for the strudel effect.

Allow your pastry to rise for 30-40 minutes.

Garnish your dish with asparagus tips and bake at 400 degrees for thirty minutes or until cooked through and the pastry is a golden brown.






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