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Lobster Recipes

Maine Lobster Recipes

Maine Lobster
When you first think of
Maine lobster, your mouth starts to water and you may begin to desire this tasty treat.

There are SO MANY ways to use lobster and there are numerous Maine lobster recipes! You can use lobster in bisque or soup, sandwiches, stews, to just plain ole steamed lobster with butter and lemon.

Lobster is quite versatile and you can make everything from appetizers to breakfast?

With only 96 calories for each 3 oz serving and low in fat and cholesterol lobster is the way to go for all of you that are weight conscious.

We have awesome Maine lobster recipes here at Maines — Check out the list on the left sidebar the current Maine Lobster recipes we have available.

Beware; these Maine lobster recipes and seafood dishes can become very addicting!

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