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How to Cook Maine Lobster

How to Cook a Maine Lobster

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Some of the best lobster in the world arrives from Maine!

The meat is not only sweet and succulent; but Lobster is very versatile and you can use it in just about anything from appetizers to breakfast treats.

Many people wonder what the best way to cook a lobster.

There are several ways to prepare a lobster, yet the two most common are boiling and steaming.

One may think, ok that should be simple enough, yet there are several things that you need to be aware, such as under or overcooking your catch.

Below we share how to prepare lobster the correct way. This should ensure that your meal is as delicious as what you may get from your local seafood restaurants.

Boiling / Steaming:
This is a great way to cook lobster if you are preparing several at once.

Four- 1.5 pound lobsters
Large pot


  1. Fill your large pot or kettle halfway with water and add your salt.
  2. Bring the water to a rapid boil then start adding your lobsters’ one at a time headfirst and return to a boil once again.
  3. Boil your lobsters for 12-14 minutes or when your lobster turns into a bright shade of red and you can pull the antennae’s loose with ease. This is to make sure that your meat cooks all the way through.
  4. Remove the lobsters with tongs and remove the liquid. Allow your lobster to drain.
  5. Serve with drawn butter and lemon slices.

These boiling / steaming preparation techniques will ensure that your lobster cooks correctly.
This also creates great main course to a delicious meal for you and your guests.

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