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Maine Lobster Farming (can’t be done & why)

Today there has been a large demand for lobster, yet nature isn’t producing the supply that we are demanding. The result is higher prices at the store and restaurants for this tasty delicacy.

Some say that farming lobster is the answer to a lower cost of supplying lobster, and replenishing the lobster population.

Although lobster farms have been around since the early 1900’s; these types of farms are mainly along the shorelines of New England and the Maritimes. Usually they will capture, tag, and release lobsters back into their natural environment.

This is done to restock lobsters, and close the loop to their lifecycles.

Currently there is research being done on the possibility of inland hatcheries or lobster farms to rear Maine lobsters.

Although the intentions are good, this type of “farming” is still in the research process and might be for several more years.

Research is showing that there are several reasons why inland lobster farming may not work.

These reasons include:

  1. The technology is not there yet; it takes a lot to keep temperatures regulated in order for these crustaceans to molt faster and to become legal size for consuming, and for reproduction.
  2. Lobsters are aggressive animals, stick two together in the same tank and they are more than likely going to eat one another.
  3. Disease can develop that can affect their shells which means that they would not be as consumable and can warrant problems with the Maine Department of Marine Resources.
  4. Many lobstermen are concerned about these types of farms because of the competition.
  5. Cost of employing help for these farms may make the cost of the lobsters too expensive

Though the intentions are good to replenish the lobster population, there are many obstacles to overcome.

Yet, with more research, time, effort, and cost saving strategies the future of lobster farming may eventually become a success.

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