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Many people love the taste of Maine lobster. It is considered one of the most delicious by top chefs worldwide.

The Maine Lobster, also known as the American Lobster, is best known by many around the world for its delicate and delicious meat.

Maine Lobster is found along the Atlantic coast between Eastern Canada and as far south as North Carolina, these creatures thrive in cold, shallow water, and they are considered nocturnal.

Maine Lobsters are bluish green but there have also been some rare variations of other colors such as blue, yellow, split color, and albino. Maine Lobsters are considered to be aggressive creatures and have been known to fight each other.

The size of Maine lobsters vary with some being as small as 8 inches and with others that can get as large as 23 inches. The largest lobster caught was 3 and a half feet long and weighed 44 pounds 6 ounces. Maine lobsters can live up to 100 years old with the average lifespan of 50 years.

Maine Lobsters grow by molting or shedding their outer shells every 4-6 months until they reach the age of around 7. At that age they molt less often. When they do molt, their new shell has grown underneath the old one which is soft. This is where the term “soft shell lobster” was coined.

Female lobsters reproduce after they have molted and can carry anywhere from 4000 to 50,000 eggs depending on their age.

Maine Lobsters diet varies from eating weaker lobster to eating fish, other crustaceans, and mollusks. Lobsters will also eat their own shells after molting to replace lost calcium.

They tend to hang out in the shallow parts of the ocean in wrecks and around rocks so they can hide from predators. These predators are humans, haddock, flounder, and other lobsters.

Lobsters can also travel in great distances depending on the seasons and may travel between five and six miles off of the shore; while offshore lobster can travel even greater distances in order to spawn their eggs.

The farthest known Maine lobsterhad traveled from Maine to Nantucket which is a record 273 miles!

These are just a few interesting facts about Maine Lobsters on how they live and survive. These shellfish are not only tasty, but resilient as well.

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