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Lobster Gram Lobster Dinner

Lobster Gram Surf and Turf Lobster and Steak Dinner

Live Maine Lobster & Steak Surf & Turf Dinner Gift Package

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The Surf & Turf Gram pairs ocean-fresh live Maine lobsters with fork-tender Filet Mignon steaks (on Amazon). This Lobster and Steak dinner is ideal for those who want to experience the decadent simplicity surf & turf delivered right to your door!

The Surf & Turf Lobster Gram For 2 Includes:

Two Live Hard-Shell Maine Lobsters.
Two 6 oz. Filet Mignon Steaks.
Fresh Whole Lemon and Free Clarified Butter.
Two Steel Shell Crackers and Seafood Forks.
Two Lobster Bibs and Moist Towelettes.
Cooking Guide.

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