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The History of Maine Lobster Fishing

Maine Lobster History is quite interesting and even dramatic.

Over the years the Lobster fishing industry has grown quite large. Some say for the better, some say for the worst. Yet one thing has remained the same. The lobster fishing community is as tight knit as they were when Maine Lobster Fishing began.

The Maine Lobster Fishing History reveals that many years ago, Maine lobster was so bountiful that Native Americans not only used it as fish bait, they used Maine lobster as an excellent fertilizer for their crops.

During colonization, lobster was used to feed the poor; including children, slaves, and prisoners. Some slaves in Massachusetts rebelled, and put in their contracts that they would eat lobster no more than 3 days per week!

In the beginning, and until around the 1850’s, lobster was caught along the tidal pools by hand. Eventually, the lobster trap became the normal method for lobstermen to use. These methods are still used in today’s lobster fishing industry.

Maine Lobster Fishing History explains “Smackmen” first appeared in the 1820s because of increasing demand for lobster in areas such as New York and Boston. The names were given in reference of their boats, the “well smack”.

The “well smack” boats were small sailing vessels that had a tank inside of the boat with holes drilled into it, which allowed sea water to circulate. Live lobsters were transported in these vessels.

Following the Maine Lobster History, we learn that by World War II, Maine lobster was considered a delicacy, and was not rationed. The lobster meat filled the demand for food rich in protein. Many people could afford it owing to the boom of wartime economy. Though there was a decline at first after the war, sales immediately climbed.

The Maine Lobster fishing history era of between 1950 and 1969 explains the consumption of lobster rose from .585 pounds to .999 pounds leading to lobster outpacing inflation, and therefore increased profits for lobstermen. This also increased the number of people who joined the industry after the war.

In 1942, an organization called the Atlantic States Fisheries Commission formed to fuse together to create regulations which are now federal and state regulations.

Fifteen seaboard states participate in this compact, ensuring that these regulations are met and kept intact.

Maine Lobster Fishing is still one of the strongest fishing industries still being worked, although the gas crisis is hitting them hard.

Fresh live lobsters are shipped from dock to door, by reputable companies both online and offline. Maine lobster is considered one of the most delicious of lobsters.

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